New Brunswick South-West Soccer League Rules & Regulations (Amended Date: May 30, 2021).


1.0 Competition Name & Divisions

1.1 The name of the competition shall be the New Brunswick South-West Soccer League, hereinafter referred to as the SWSL.

1.2 The SWSL shall continue be divided into the following divisions: Where applicable.

  • Division 1 Girls U12
  • Division 1 Girls U13
  • Division 1 Girls U15
  • Division 1 Girls U18
  • Division 1 Boys U12
  • Division 1 Boys U13
  • Division 1 Boys U15
  • Division 1 Boys U18

1.3 The SWSL shall be open to all teams duly registered in accordance with Soccer NB Rules & Regulations.

1.3.1 The SWSL reserve the right to deny a team’s entry into any of the divisions.

1.4 The SWSL will be played in each of the above divisions providing that there is a minimum of three (3) entries in the division.

1.5 Game durations:

  • Under 18 – two (2) equal periods of forty (40) minutes each – Size 5
  • Under 15 – two (2) equal periods of thirty five (35) minutes each – Size 5
  • Under 13 – two (2) equal periods of thirty five (35) minutes each – Size 5

1.6 Under 13 will play 9v9 format.


2.0 Management of the SWSL

2.1 The Soccer NB shall be responsible for developing and implementing the rules, policies, and procedures governing the competition.

2.2 A League advisory Committee shall consist of representatives from clubs participating in the SWSL.

2.2.1 Each club is responsible for appointing representatives. At the first meeting of the SWSL Committee for a new year, each Club shall submit minimum one (1) and maximum two (2) that will be part of the SWSL Committee. These representatives shall be board members of the Club they are representing.

2.3 At all general meetings of the SWSL Committee, each club shall be entitled to one vote for every youth team entered in the SWSL during the previous season.

2.4.3 Teams which are expelled, or who withdraw from the SWSL prior to the conclusion of the previous season, shall forfeit their vote at subsequent general meetings of the SWSL Committee.

2.4.4 No proxy votes shall be permitted. Club representatives must be present to exercise their voting rights.

2.5 Soccer NB’s League coordinator shall be responsible for the day to day operations of the SWSL. The league coordinators shall be accountable to the Soccer NB’s Executive Director for these operational functions.

2.5.1 All appeals will be handled by the SWSL League advisory Committee.

2.6 The SWSL shall be operated in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, CSA, and Soccer NB Rules & Regulations, unless otherwise stipulated in this document.




3.0 Entering the SWSL

3.1 Each team must complete the SWSL Entry Form.

3.2 The entry form must be received by the SWSL no later than April 30th of the year of competition, and must be accompanied by the entry fee and performance bond (payable to the Soccer New Brunswick).

3.2.1 Youth Registration: $150

3.2.2 Youth Performance Bond: $250

3.3 A performance bond will be levied on each team participating in the SWSL. Any fees, fines, bonds, and penalties assessed against the team shall be automatically deducted from the performance bond, to be returned, without interest, at the end of the season.

3.4 All teams are required to maintain a positive performance bond balance throughout the season. All scheduled games will be forfeit by a score of 5-0 until such time as the additional bond has been posted with the SWSL. Following two (2) forfeited games a team will be removed from the SWSL.

3.4.1 Additional bond deposits for teams $50.

3.5 Clubs withdrawing from the SWSL less than two weeks prior to their age-group’s first regular season game-date of the year of competition will forfeit their entry fee.

3.6 For every game, an individual shall be designated as the team coach. The coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her team. Club and team officials are fully responsible for the conduct of their players, officials, and spectators at, or in the vicinity of, games.


4.0 Player Registration

4.1 Each player must be registered with his/her own club prior to taking part in any SWSL competition. 4.2 Tentative team roster must be submitted electronically to the SWSL no later than the Monday before the start of the regular season of the year of the competition. Final team roster must be submitted to the SWSL electronically using the template available on the SWSL website no later than June 1st of the year of competition.

4.3 Failure to submit the roster by the Monday before the start of the regular season will result in the cancellation and forfeiture of all games scheduled until such time as the team roster is submitted to the SWSL office.

4.4 The club is responsible for ensuring that the player registration information submitted to the SWSL is accurate.

4.5 Transfer of Players

4.5.1 The transfer of players shall be done in accordance with the Rules and Regulations established by Soccer NB provided the receiving team has not exceeded the limited number of players permitted.

4.5.2 The deadline for the transfer of players shall be July 31st of the year of the competition. Transfers submitted after this date shall not be approved.

4.6 U11 and U12 division rosters shall have no more than 16 players. U14 and U16 division rosters shall have no more than 23 players. A U18 team may have up to 25 players on their roster.

U11/U12 Team Rosters Maximum 16 Players
U13/U15 Team Rosters Maximum 23 Players
U18 Team Rosters Maximum 25 Players


5.0 Scheduling

5.1 The SWSL Youth Girls divisions will play on Monday and Wednesday nights, and the Youth Boys will play on Tuesday and Thursday nights. This does not restrict these teams from playing makeup games on other nights.

5.1.1 Each team will play between a set number of league games. Factors include number of teams, travel distance and length of season based on Soccer NB Provincial Championship dates.

5.1.2 Long weekends (Canada Day and NB Day) will be blacked out of the schedule. Each team will have one more NO PLAY PERIOD of four (4) days to allow for tournament play.

5.1.3. SWSL Games played more than 100 kilometers driving distance must be played no earlier than 7:00 pm kick-off and can be scheduled for a weekend time. Games played more than 200 kilometers driving distance or longer than 1 hr 45 minutes must be set to the weekend, unless the away team is in agreement to play on the weekday.

5.2 Draft schedules will be sent to all participating teams by May 15th. Home teams will have until May 18th (or FOUR DAYS prior to Victoria Day) to submit home field times and locations for all games.

5.2.1 A draft schedule for the first month (June) of play for SWSL Youth and Senior divisions will be issued FOUR DAYS prior to Victoria Day Monday of the year of the competition. The final schedules will be available by Victoria Day Monday.

5.3 Teams are required to identify any problems with their schedule within 2 business days of the schedule being issued.

5.4 Once the final schedule has been issued, all changes to the schedule will be at the league’s discretion.

5.4.1 Change requests must first be sent to the league for approval. If approval is given, then the team requiring the change will contact the other team to work out a suitable date and time. If a change has been mutually agreed to by both teams, the HOME TEAM will email the original and new schedule date and time and the location to the league, copying the other club and team. Any such requests must be submitted to the SWSL at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled game.

5.5 Games canceled due to unplayable field or weather conditions will be rescheduled at a date, time and location agreed upon by both teams. Teams must advise the SWSL of the agreed upon date, time and location of the rescheduled game within forty-eight (48) hours after the cancelled game. The rescheduled game must be played prior to the conclusion of the regular season schedule.

5.6 Teams failing to appear for a scheduled SWSL game, or who are unable to field the minimum number of required players, shall forfeit the game by a score of 3-0 and pay any required fines. If a team fails to appear, then the other team referee pay will be refunded by the league at the end of the season, and the referee pay will be deducted from the absent team’s performance bond.


6.0 Home and Away Team Responsibilities

6.1 In the event that the municipality closes the venue, the Home Team must notify the Referee assignor, referees (if possible), the opposition, and the SWSL of the closure.

6.2 The Home Team is to provide:

  • Two match balls
  • Groomed and lined field with corner flags
  • Nets and corner flags at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off (proper sized goals)

6.3 The Home Team will pay the game officials according to Soccer NB rates.

6.4 Teams shall provide the completed game sheets to the referee before kickoff. Referees will verify the players on the bench compared to the game sheet. Games will not be allowed to start without the game sheet being provided to the referee. During halftime, it is the responsibility of the coaches to make any additions to the game sheet based on late player arrival. After the start of the second half, no players shall be added to the game sheet.

6.5 The Away Team must wear its regular colours and if the colours of the two teams are similar (as judged by the referee), the Home Team must wear alternate colours.

6.6 The Home Team must submit the game sheet to the SWSL via email within forty-eight (48) hours of the game’s conclusion.

6.7 Suspended players name(s) and number(s) must be added to the game sheet, with “Suspended” after their name.

6.8 Players called up from lower divisions within a club for an SWSL game must have their name(s) and number(s) on the game sheet with “Call-up” after their name.


7.0 Game Officials

7.1 Games will have a minimum of one (1) registered referee

7.2 Referee fees is determined by Soccer NB.

7.3 When games are cancelled, for reasons other than weather, the Soccer NB’s Referee assignor or the referee must be given 48 hour’s notice, otherwise the referee will still be paid.

7.4 The Home Team is responsible for the payment of game officials.

7.5 Incident Reports are required for all Red Cards, and are to be delivered to the SWSL within 48 hours.

It is the “Home” team’s responsibility to make sure referee’s are paid prior to each SWSL match.

Age Category Referee (Single) Assistant
U12 $25.00 N/A
U13 $35.00 N/A
U15 $40.00 N/A
U18 $50.00 N/A




8.0 Points, Standings and Playoffs

8.1 The winning team of each game will be awarded three (3) points.

8.2 In the case of a tie at the end of play, each team will receive one (1) point.

8.3 In the case of a forfeit, the non-forfeiting team will win by a score of 3-0 and be awarded three (3) points.

8.4 SWSL ranking is determined as follows:

  1. a) Greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;
  2. b) Goal difference in all group matches;
  3. c) Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches. If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings shall be determined as follows:
  4. d) Greatest number of points obtained in the matches between the teams concerned;
  5. e) Goal difference resulting from the matches between the teams concerned;
  6. f) Greater number of goals scored in all matches between the teams concerned;
  7. g) The goals scored away from home count double between the teams concerned (if the tie is only between two teams).


9.0 SWSL Championships

9.1 SWSL will determine a league winner based on regular season standings.

9.1 Final league standings will determine the team placements for the NBSWSL Cup /Regional playoffs.

9.2 The Soccer NB will pay for the field for all playoff games.

9.3 The SWSL playoffs shall be held on dates established by the Soccer NB.

9.4 In a 4-team league: the 4th place team will travel and play the 1st place team; the 3rd place team will travel and play the 2nd place team. The two winners will play for the NBSWSL (the highest seeded team will be the home team).

In a 5-team league: the 5th place team will miss the playoffs. The rest will follow the 4-team league format.

In a 6-team league: the 1st and 2nd place teams will have a bye to the semi-finals. The 6th place team will travel and play the 3rd place team; the 5th place team will travel and play the 4th place

Team. The lowest remaining seed will travel and play the 1st place team; the highest remaining seed will travel and play the 2nd place team.

In a 7-team league: the 7th place team will not make the playoffs and the other teams will follow the

6-team league playoff format.

In an 8-team league: The playoffs will be split into two divisions; Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 will consist of team one through four and Tier 2 will consist of team five through eight. The 4-team playoff format will be used for both divisions. Only the winner of Tier 1 will be the Challenge Cup / Jubilee Champion and will represent NB at the Senior Club Championship.


9.5 The Provincial Championships shall be held on a date established by Soccer NB.



10.0 Code of Conduct

10.1 Players, team officials and other persons involved in the SWSL are required to conduct themselves in a manner which will bring credit to the competition and the sport as a whole.

10.2 Misconduct involving team players and officials will be dealt with by Soccer NB.


11.0 Protests and Appeals

11.1 All protests and appeals shall be submitted, in writing, within 48 hours of the games conclusion to the SWSL.

11.2 Clubs will be charged $50 for all protests and appeals. This amount shall be taken from the team’s Performance Bond. If the protest or appeal is upheld, the $50 fee will be refunded.

11.3 Protests based on a referee’s discretionary decision shall not be entertained.


12.0 Discipline

12.1 The SWSL will deal with all disciplinary matters involving SWSL players and/or team officials in accordance with Soccer NB Rules and Regulations.


13.0 Fines and Penalties Note: Disciplinary actions, including suspensions, will be per Soccer NB Rules and Regulations

13.1 The following are the NBSWSL fines:

  • 3 Yellow cards = $25 performance bond fine
  • 1st Red card = $25 performance bond fine
  • 2nd red card = $50 performance bond fine

13.2 Accumulated cards do not carry over into league playoffs.

13.3 Suspensions carry over into Soccer NB Provincial Championships.

13.4 Playing an unregistered player will result in a forfeit of the game in question by a score of 3-0, plus a $50 fine.

13.5 Teams failing to appear for a scheduled game will forfeit the game in question by a score of 3-0. The fine will be $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense and suspension pending SWSL review for the third offense.

13.6 Teams failing to meet all Home Team responsibilities will be fined an amount deemed appropriate by the SWSL.

13.7 Teams failing to submit game sheets within 48 hours will be fined $25.

13.8 At the discretion of the SWSL any other fees, fines, bonds and penalties may be assessed against a team or its players, coaches, managers, and administrators.

14.0 Competition Rules
14.1 Non-compulsory Equipment
14.2 Players shall not be permitted to wear any items of jewelry on the field, even if they are covered with tape.

14.3 The game official shall rule on the acceptability of any piece of non-compulsory equipment. Coaches or team officials should discuss any potential problems with the game official prior to the start of the game.
14.4 Both teams shall position their team benches on the same side of the field with spectators positioned on the opposite side of the field.

14.5 Under 13 will play with modified goal kick and corner kick. Goal kick anywhere inside 18 yard box. Corner kick from edge of 18 yard box.

14.6 Duration of Games & Ball Size
All games shall consist of two (2) equal halves of a duration determined by the SWSL. There will be no overtime play in regular season SWSL games.

Age Classification Duration of Match Ball Size
Under 12 2 x 30 minutes Size 4
Under 13 2 x 30 minutes Size 5
Under 15 2 x 35 minutes Size 5
Under 18 2 x 40 minutes (35 after Aug 1st) Size 5

Unlimited substitutions are permitted (including playoff games), however, only two (2) players may be substituted at any time during a stoppage of play at the referee’s discretion.

8.4.2 No substitutions shall be allowed for a player who has been ordered from the field of play for misconduct.